Vulcandezign is a friendly Oxfordshire-based unit operated by Jo White. It has a dynamic evolvement that draws upon a lifetime’s experience of working in the motorsport industry, with an emphasis on knowledge of various materials - especially ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Jo has an MSA competition license to “National A Open” speed status and also listed in the Low Carbon Automotive Directory (page 34) and certificated to the EEMS initiative (energy efficient motorsport)


Jo White is an artisan /race car consultant who ventured from the south-west in the late 1970s to join Reynard Racing Cars where he rapidly rose to the position of chief mechanic. He went on to work as a racecar fabricator/engineer and was engaged in numerous exciting projects. One of his major achievements was the design, manufacture and racing of his own successful marque of hillclimb and sprint single-seater race car - the Nemesis.